The Michael Marche II Wine (Noire – Lis Wine) by PARABOOT have been created by the second generation of the Richard-Pontvert family, this iconic model was marked by the birth of Michael Richard in 1945. Renowned all over the world, it has proven to be timeless and suitable for any generation and style. This Piped seam Derby features 2 eyelets, a genuine Norwegian welted, on a genuine rubber sole.
The Norwegian welt was particularly used for mountain and work shoes. Nowadays, it’s also used for casual shoes. For the record, the origin of the name remains a mystery but has no connection with Norway. The upper is fixed to the sole by means of a welt. Both lines of stitches are visible: the “Norwegian” welt connects the welt to the upper and the assembly insole. Special fine stitching connects the welt to the outsole. It is also possible not to have a welt, in which case the two lines of stitches are sewn directly onto the leather at the bottom of the upper; this serves as a welt. This solid and flexible mounting technique both makes the shoe waterproof and resoleable.
In addition, the Norwegian welt creates an assumed sportswear look. From a purely technical point of view, the advantages of the Norwegian welt are comparable to those of the Goodyear welt.
The Paraboot Michael Marche II are still handmade in France, in Saint Jean de Moirans, in the heart of the French Alps.
Preserving the artisanal production methods and safeguarding the know-how.
Richard-Pontvert is labelled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” by the French Government.


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Paraboot - Michael Marche II Wine Michael Marche II Wine


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