THE ITALIAN HERITAGE presents the STETSON Outdoor Toyo.

This travel and garden hat from STETSON is adorned with eye-catching feathers. It owes its decidedly casual appearance to the frayed denim effect trim band and a cord wrapped several times around the crown. At the beach and when working in the garden, this hat made of lightweight Toyo straw reliably protects your head from the sun and makes a fashionable impression at the same time.

With a brim width of seven centimetres and a head height of ten, the brim – which sweeps up along the sides of the head – and centre dent creased crown, this outdoor hat radiates western-style charm, with a nod to the classic cowboy look. This modern Toyo material offers an impressively lightweight. The hand-woven viscose used for this material has a natural and carefree appearance. The excellent quality of the material is especially evident in the fine and precise craftsmanship.


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Stetson - Outdoor Toyo Stetson Outdoor Toyo

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