THE ITALIAN HERITAGE presents The Calvana Summer Jacket by THE QUARTERMASTER

The Calvana Jacket by THE QUARTERMASTER is inspired by the best hunting jackets of the 40s and 50s present in the Brand Historical Archive.
The Hunter jacket features snap buttons, a wide collar with button closure, four front pockets with flaps, and the iconic rear game pocket.
With the “Calvana” Jacket, the Quartermaster wants to pay homage to the wonderful Tuscan-Emilian Apennines full of history and traditions and to all those who have walked its paths, such as hunters, cattle breeders, as well as hunters of mushrooms and truffles.

This jacket features a fantastic HBT cotton fabric with the Re-Camo print: the exclusive The Quartermaster camouflage pattern inspired by the “Frogskin Camo” introduced by the US Army in 1942, mixed with the Italian M29 “Regio Esercito” introduced by the Italian Army in 1929 and used until the 90s.


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The Quartermaster - Summer Hunter Jacket HBT Re-Camo Summer Hunter Jacket Re-Camo


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