THE ITALIAN HERITAGE presents the YUKETEN BLUCHER with Kiltie with Camp Sole – Grizzly Brown

The blucher moccasin was popularized in the 1950s and 60s as a formalised variation of the lace-up moccasin, more commonly experienced as a boat shoe. The blucher provided a more sophisticated, elongated silhouette, reminiscent of the style of a dress shoe with which it shared its name. Important design details are the lace-in kiltie nestled under the blucher pieces, the signature baseball stitch overcast, and pinking decoration on the heel seam cover, all of which contribute a touch of elegance to this updated moccasin silhouette.

Each pair of Yuketen’s genuine moccasin-construction footwear is handcrafted in Maine, USA. The shoes benefit from their construction using only the best components and materials such as the Horween’s Pebbled Grain Chromexcel Pull-Up Leather tanned in Chicago, IL. Chromexcel is a buttery, malleable “pull-up” leather born of a unique double-tanning process of vegetable and chrome treatments, which imbues the leather with pleasantly aromatic liquor notes. Its suppleness, revealing lighter tones in its oiled surface when stretched, makes it particularly suitable for moccasin construction.

The shoe upper sits atop a Yuketen’s original camp sole made out of 100% rubber mixed with cork chip, which is reminiscent of the 1960’s work boot style. The outsole is sewn to the vamp leather, allowing the shoes to be resoled for years of prolonged wear.


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Yuketen - Blucher with Kiltie with Camp Sole - Grizzly Brown Yuketen Blucher Grizzly Brown

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